How it All Began

My father and I working our first show back in 2012 at the Clayton Farmers Market.

After a year of research and development work, I created the design based on a homemade prototype my father had come up with. 

I invested in the fabrication of an aluminum mold and started working with my partner facility here in the Midwest, to begin the custom molding of our very first Patio Pocket Planter back in 2011. We still cut the tubes and drill the holes for our center watering tubes. 

We have been primarily selling our custom planters at shows, markets and events for the past few years. Beginning in 2019, we are making a concerted effort to tell our story to more people across the country in order to improve our online sales and grow our Entrepreneurial Business. 

We greatly appreciate you sharing our story with friends and family!

Warmest Regards,

Andy Young, Owner P3 Gardening Company