Customer Testimonial

Listen to what our customers have to say about our "Patio Pocket Planters."

We own the design and aluminum mold for our container gardening planters. They are custom molded from an FDA approved resin and hand trimmed at our partner facility in the Midwest. We only sell them on-line, or direct at shows, markets and events throughout the spring, summer and fall months. 

Lightweight and extremely durable, our Patio Pocket Planters come with a 10 Year Warranty for product durability and weather resistance. We have sold them to customers who live in Northern Minnesota as well as folks who live in Southern Florida. Our planters can stay outside year around without fear of freezing, cracking or delaminating! (You will be amazed at how sturdy and well made our product is!) 

For an investment of around $100 plus shipping, you will own a truly unique and innovative planter that is Made in the USA and will provide you with many years of container gardening enjoyment.  

We have been featured in "Missouri Life" magazine and have been invited to present our planters at the "Best of Missouri" marketplace at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO. 

We are thrilled to be launching our new website to try and help share "our story" with folks all across the United States and beyond. 

Have additional questions about our Patio Pocket Planters, see our FAQ page for more information.

See detailed images of our uniquely designed planters!  We produce them in (3) very distinct colors:

Our Most Popular Brown Sandstone Color - Looks Like Real Stone.  

White Marble - Perfect for Patios & Concrete Surfaces

Solid Chocolate Brown - Looks Awesome with Bright Colored Flowers & Plants.