Here are some common questions asked about our Patio Pocket Planters:

How big is it?    Our Patio Pocket Planters are 22" tall by 16" in diameter. They have 16 side cup openings around the perimeter of the planter. Our custom planters hold up to 20 gal. of lightweight growing media, or 2.8 cu. feet. Plant up to 22 different plants in your "Patio Pocket Planter."  
What is it Made of?   We own the design and aluminum mold for our Patio Pocket Planters. They are custom molded right here in the U.S. at our partner facility in the Midwest. We use an FDA approved polyethylene resin that will stand up to the elements for many years. They can be left out in the winter without fear of freezing, cracking or delaminating. We add a special colorant to the resin mix to give them there unique and distinctive appearance. 
What Can You Grow in it?   Your Patio Pocket Planters can be used to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, strawberries and flowers. Tomatoes & Peppers do extremely well in the top section of the planter, while the side cups are ideal for a variety of herbs, salad greens and strawberries. If you do not wish to grow edibles in our custom planters, they make for a truly beautiful "ornamental" display and can be planted up with various plants, flowers and succulents. 
What is the Purpose of the Center Watering Tube?   Your Patio Pocket Planter will come with a center watering tube that pressure fits onto a tapered cone at the bottom inside of the planter. It has holes drilled in it to allow for even water distribution to all the plants. 
How Much Does it Weigh?   Empty they weigh only 8 lbs. Once they are loaded with a lightweight potting mix, they can weigh up to 30 - 40 lbs depending on how much water they take in. 
Other Design Features:  Your Patio Pocket Planter has (4) 3/8" drain holes in the bottom sides of the planter to allow for excess water drainage. Molded-in handles are located on each side at the top of the planter. 
Optional 5 Wheel Dolly Cart:  You can order our 5 Wheel Dolly Cart that custom fits on the bottom of our planters. This allows for easy rotation and movement of around your patio or deck surface.